Michael Malitowski

& Joanna Leunis

— Winners & Champions —

World Professional Latin 2008, 2009
European Professional Latin 2007–2012
Polish Professional Latin 2002–2010
World Professional Showdance 2002, 2004
European Professional Showdance 2004, 2005
British Professional Open 2008–2014
UK Professional Open 2007–2014
International Professional Open 2005–2011; 2013-2014

<h2 style="padding-left:5px;">Francis Lafreniere & Claudia Primeau</h2>

Francis Lafreniere & Claudia Primeau

So You Think You Can Dance Canada and past performers of Toronto Dances with the Stars

<h2 style="padding-left:5px;">Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis</h2>

Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis

from Dancing with the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing in Europe


<h2 style="padding-left:5px;">Vanesa Stay</h2>

Vanesa Stay

of Latin Energy

<h2 style="padding-left:5px;">Raymond<br/>& Jenalyn<br/>Saraza-Pacheco</h2>

& Jenalyn

World Adult Salsa On 2 Champions in Miami, 2 time World Junior Salsa Champions and 2 time Canadian Amateur Adult Salsa Champions

<h2 style="padding-left:5px;">Jenalyn Saraza-Pacheco & Luka Milacic-Perusina</h2>

Jenalyn Saraza-Pacheco & Luka Milacic-Perusina

Dutch Open World Champions Ballroom Cabaret, Canadian Ballroom Cabaret Champions, North American Showdance Champions

<h2 style="padding-left:5px;">Master of Ceremonies<br/>Alan Armsby</h2>

Master of Ceremonies
Alan Armsby

from the movie Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas